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Python in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition

Object-oriented programming concepts covered include object creation and use, object interaction, and the design of simple classes. Software engineering concepts covered include testing, incremental development, understanding requirements, and teamwork. Besides the instructors and assistants, other students in the course can often be a great source of help. And they will learn more if they explain things to you.

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These on-line books are only accessible from on campus or after connecting to the Rose-Hulman VPN if you are off-campus. Once connected, find Safari Books Online by following these steps:. Please note the emphasis on links. All these linked materials are available via any of the several mechanisms for accessing Public AFS data. Thus, you can get to the majority of course materials:. When we give a reading assignment , we seriously expect you to read it. You may of course ask about any details that you do not understand.

We strongly believe that reading the textbook will help you.

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Your solutions to programming problems should be well-designed and well-documented. We will suggest working on some programming problems with another person; however we will designate some problems as individual assignments. We will do our best to conform to the Rose-Hulman definition of the various grades, as described in the Academic Rules and Procedures.

But it will require significant effort to do so.

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We may adjust your overall average up or down by up to 5 points, based on your citizenship in the CSSE learning community. The in-class time in this course constitutes an important learning experience. I just hope that Alex Martelli will keep future editions below pages while adding material. I'm reading Luciano Ramalho's Fluent Python right now. Unfortunately I left the house in such a. Brad S. Python's method resolution order is actually more complex than just understanding the diamond pattern.

C in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition » Let Me Read

To really understand it, take a look at. I stand by what I wrote in Python in a Nutshell 2nd edition p.

It's a tribute to the power of Python and to the ingenuity of Twisted's developers that so much can. Read data structures and algorithms in java 2nd edition Pdf mastering algorithms in c pdf algorithms in nutshell pdf mastering algorithms.

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R in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition, pdf version availablee for download. If you're considering R for statistical computing and data visualization, this book provides a quick and practical guide to just about everything. From here we launch into a consideration of algorithms by type with searching and sorting being the obvious place to start.

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Each algorithm is placed into its context and an explanation of how it works is given. What is important to emphasis is that while the book presents the properties of the algorithms without trying to oversimplify you are not subjected to long derivations of the execution times or space requirements.

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The whole presentation is informal but informative at just the right level for a working programmer. Moving on from the essential skills of searching and sorting the following chapters are more varied and less universally useful: Graph algorithms e. Minimax, Alphabeta pruning , Network flow e.

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Clearly which algorithms are of interest depends on what you are working on but the selection covers a useful range and you can expect to encounter them all in a reasonable programming career.